Poshaakwale - Costume and Dress Rental Service in Pune

We offer a wide variety of Costumes on Hire in Pune. Dance Costume on Rent and Purchase. Drama Costume on Hire. Fancy Dress costumeson Rent and accessories for Occasion on Hire and Purchase. Festivals Costume on Hire. School Events Costume and Dress on Rent. Buy or Rent or Hire a costumes at affordable pricing to live your event beyond elegance, but not beyond your budget!

We are committed to expert service at sensible prices.!

You don’t have to worry about hygiene and fitting, as all clothes are regularly dry cleaned and we take care of alterations as well.!

  1. Pre - Wash Treatment  - Usually, some Garment shows up hard, feeling rough, stiff and not responsive enough for wearing if not pre- washed

  2. Automatic - Washing - Washing garments in hot water with adequate detergent and softener, rinse with plain water. and dry in tumble dryer.

  3. Drying - 100% drying of costumes.

  4. Steam Ironing - Steam Ironing makes gentle clothes look better and fresher.

  5. Hard Ironing - Dry Ironing makes tough clothes look better and fresher.

  6. Neatly Folded - Folding helps reduce and avoid the amount of wrinkles and creases in your laundry.

  7. Closet Organizer - We avoid hangers and store clothes in a closet  to protect clothes form damages.